Invantive Composition for Word, desktop startup very slow, high CPU usage

We’ve seen a recent spike in CPU utilization when running Word with the Invantive Add In enabled (v20).

Are there any specs we should be following to maximize performance – I haven’t seen much in the forums regarding this. ie. Memory requirement, CPU (number of cores, etc)?

It is not exactly clear what “v20” refers to. Can it be a 20.x.y release?

For Invantive Composition for Word, it is recommended to use an average PC. Actual CPU-utilization can vary depending on the operation. In case the problem is reproducible, can you provide a description of the steps and environment?

Yes, it’s a 20.x.x release.

There are no real steps, it takes forever to load, and then runs high on CPU.

What amount of CPU and Memory is considered to be a normal PC?

Even on an emulated Windows on Macbook it should finish starting up in say 45 seconds or so.

Normal PC nowadays is like 4-8 GB of memory and an i5 processor or alike.

There seems to be an issue of some kind.

Recommendation is to:

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