Invantive helps American insurer create legal documents

HARDERWIJK/WEST DES MOINES (Iowa, USA) – Invantive BV from Harderwijk provides GuideOne, the largest church insurer in the United States, with software that makes it possible to create complex legal documents faster.

Director Guido Leenders of Invantive says: “GuideOne was looking for a partner that could make this complicated work happen.” GuideOne can offer insurance products in all American states. Legal documents differ in each state. “With out software a large part of the preparatory work can be automated.” GuideOne expects to be able to support more lawyers with the same numbers of paralegals by using Invantive Composition.

Sam Waters, assistant vice president of GuideOne: “We spent a lot of time on creating and changing legal documents. We can save a lot of time and money now.” He suspects that, thanks to Invantive Composition, the labor costs can be reduced with about 70 percent.

GuideOne in West Des Moines (Iowa), America’s largest insurer of, among others, churches and schools, was looking for software that could be integrated with Microsoft products. The company expects to grow further, creating a revenue of 650 million dollars per year.

Invantive BV from Harderwijk produces financial software solutions for many companies including real estate, financial, banking, greenery, technology and IT businesses that work on a project basis.