Invantive helps GuideOne filling Word-templates from their database

WEST DE MOINES (IA)/HARDERWIJK (Netherlands) - The US insurance agency GuideOne has chosen to use the software Invantive Composition of the Dutch company Invantive. GuideOne needed to automate their documents to decrease spending time on juridical pleadings.

Guido Leenders of director of Invantive: ‘’GuideOne wanted to reduce spending time with their standard documents and automation was the only solution. They explained to us that the paralegals of GuideOne were spending 4 to 10 minutes preparing standard pleadings. The majority of the standard pleadings contained 7 to 40 variables or data points. The paralegals found themselves typing the same variables over and over again. After installing Invantive Composition is capturing data and creates a ready to review pleading cutting preparation time by 70%.’’

Increasing numbers of pleadings challenge for automating filling templates using SQL

Sam Waters, Vice-President of GuideOne adds: “We’ve learned that the law in the United States is ever evolving and changing - GuideOne expects the number of pleadings to increase and the law to become more complex. Using templates to create pleadings will allow the paralegals of GuideOne to prepare documents more easily, which means less time is needed for preparation - content that may otherwise be unused or discarded, can actually be used then.’’

Help achieve goals

Guido Leenders: “GuideOne was looking for a product that met two main requirements: The automation had to incorporate Microsoft Word and the setup of the template needed to be created by non-IT trained paralegals. Invantive Composition was just what they needed. Based on a Proof of Concept, it soon became clear that it was able to help GuideOne achieve its goal.’’

About GuideOne

GuideOne is a premier niche market property and casualty insurer in the US. Since its inception in 1947, GuideOne Insurance has focused on creating superior and affordable coverage options for its niche customers: churches, schools (K-12) and higher education institutions (colleges, universities, seminaries), home care providers, living communities for the elderly and car and home owners. GuideOne is headquartered in West Des Moines, Iowa, and is one of the nation’s largest church insurers, with about 43,000 church policy holders. In 1999, the company created the GuideOne Center for Risk Management® in order to help churches and faith-based organizations safeguard their ministries. This effort was expanded in 2008 with the launch of SafeChurch®, the most comprehensive online resource tool for church risk management available. GuideOne is licensed to do business in all 50 states. The company carries an excellent rating from A.M. Best and was named a Top 50 Performing Insurer (out of 3,000 companies) for the past three years by the Ward Group. GuideOne is expecting its premium to grow to $650 million by the end of 2015 (currently $500 million) and with the anticipation of growth, we expect the number of litigated files will also increase. For more information:

About Invantive Software solutions

Invantive B.V. is specialized in software solutions for companies acquiring and executing projects. Invantive delivers software solutions for real estate, finance, banking, IT and landscaping businesses. The experience in project and process management enables to streamline and optimize repetitive processes. In addition, Invantive delivers services such as performance tuning, data warehousing and regulatory reporting. This enables to analyze customers business, uncover risks and turn them into opportunities. For more information: