Invantive: sustainable policy for staff

HARDERWIJK - Invantive in Harderwijk has received a prize for their sustainable staff policy. This indicates that Invantive thinks very highly of sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

For director Guido Leenders the prize is a confirmation of the way his corporate policy is applied. He says: “We think it is important to work sustainable and to do this in a socially responsible manner.” The prize was handed over to him by employment consultant Jaap Hofstra from Match! in Harderwijk, alderman Laurens de Kleine and the Social Services director Sjoerd Osinga. This also indicates how important it is for employers to give people a chance to work for them.

"It is a great starting point’’, says Karen Stelpstra, Marketing employee at Invantive. Guido Leenders has given her a chance to develop a second career. This is done in collaboration with Match! in Harderwijk. Karen Stelpstra found herself in a type of employment vacuum. Thanks to good contact between Match! and Invantive, she could get started at the business. Employment consultant Jaap Hofstra of Match!, Sjoerd Osinga, director of Social Services and alderman Laurens de Kleine visited Invantive to hand over the prize to director Guido Leenders.

The prize for the sustainable staff policy shows that employers are an important factor in corporate social responsibility. It offers people like Karen Stelpstra a chance to get back into the game. Invantive is a company that thinks highly of sustainability and corporate social responsibility. Jaap Hofstra is happy about his collaboration with Invantive: '‘It looks like the employment market is starting to get back onto its feet and we can offer more people jobs again. Especially for people that start working at a later age it can be difficult to find a job."’ Alderman Laurens de Kleine thinks that people looking for a job, employers and politicians should all work together to make sure as many work places as possible are filled.