Itgenscr754 The selected database segment '...' must exist for the delegating organization

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Bij het ophalen van data in Power BI kan een melding verschijnen zoals:

Request failed:
OData Version: 3 and 4, Error:
The remote server returned an error:
(500) Internal Server Error.
(The selected database segment ‘acme-exact-online’ must exist for the delegating organization ‘ACME B.V.’.
Check if a database with this segment exists for the delegating organization.
Perhaps the database exists in your original organization instead.
In that case, switch back to your original organization or use an Invantive Cloud account within your original organization to retrieve data from the database.
(itgenscr754, 2023e09e-f142-4794-b076-cc916e73278f))
… dito for version 3 and 4

The error code itgenscr754 indicates that the database with the value acme-exact-online at Bridge Online URL Segment does not exist in the Invantive Cloud screen “Databases” in the organization accessed through Delegation.

This involves “Delegation”, where consultants and other external parties are given temporary access to an environment. For more explanation of delegation: see Access via delegation on Invantive Cloud for consultants.

Recommendations are:

  • Do not use delegation for structural refresh such as through or other production purposes. Delegation is only for assistance and not for production purposes.
  • Use a service account for structural downloading using, for example, the Power BI Service. Such a service user account cannot switch between organizations, as through delegations (see Manage users on Invantive Cloud) and is shielded from many regular user tasks, increasing the security level.
  • Check the “Databases” screen on Invantive Cloud if the Invantive Cloud user used can see this database, or a database similar in name that is actually meant.
  • Switch to another organization via delegation or switch back to own organization.
  • Consider using a Power BI report that is dynamic in terms of used URL so that it is easy to switch between multiple Invantive Cloud databases of different organizations. This can be done for example with Power BI Parameters as described in Use Power BI parameters with Invantive Bridge Online.