New dbms_audit package to facilitate high-level logging on custom apps

Starting release 22.0.199 (BETA 22.1.56) the new Invantive PSQL package dbms_audit has become available.

Using dbms_audit, module developers of Invantive Cloud applications and stored procedures can call the method register_event. Similar to an insert on AuditEvents@DataDictionary, the register_event procedure register a System Message. For example, the following code register a simple system message with a natural key:

  ( 'xxtst001'
  , 'This is a message with natural key.'
  , natural_key => 'My NK'

System messages are synchronized with Invantive Cloud within seconds and are available in the form “System Messages”:


The available parameters of register_event are listed in Invantive SQL generic PSQL packages.