New Exact Online incremental tables for hours and costs on projects

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Fast tables for project timesheets and project costs in Exact Online

In the new release of Invantive Cloud, and release 22.0.142 and newer of on-premises products, the following tables have been added based on the Exact Online Sync APIs:

  • PjtTimeTransactionsIncremental: fast list of hours on projects in Exact Online as a replacement for PjtTimeTransactions.
  • CostTransactionsIncremental: fast and conclusive list of costs on projects in Exact Online as replacement of CostTransactions.

It is advised to switch for retrieval of hours and costs on projects to these new fast tables to gain considerable speed improvements and reduce the odds of hitting Exact Online API limits.


These are additions to the already existing incremental tables that are dozens of times faster than retrieving the data via the original Exact Online tables. The workings are described in Faster Exact Online download using incremental "sync API"-tables.

In addition, the number of Exact Online API calls used drops dramatically. The number of API calls needed after switching is comparable to using Trickle Loading on Data Replicator and often even slightly less. More tips to reduce the number of API calls are in Optimalisatie API calls zoals met Exact Online (Dutch).

Using the new project tables.

Invantive Cloud users such as with Power BI can often replace the table PjtTimeTransactions with PjtTimeTransactionsIncremental. Note that derived fields are missing (see below).

Users of on-premises software of Invantive software first need to install an upgrade. After that queries, etc. can be modified. The most popular upgrades are:

Derived Fields

Derived fields such as Project Code are not present in the new tables; besides the design limitations (Dutch) this also has the advantage that building a data model like in for example Power BI will faster lead to results.

Full Names

The full names of the tables including catalog and schema are:

  • ExactOnlineREST.Views.PjtTimeTransactionsIncremental
  • ExactOnlineREST.Views.CostTransactionsIncremental