Refresh of View.JournalTransactionLines keeps failing and retrying with itgengpr087

Since this weekend as far as I know, it seems refreshing my Power BI report keeps failing on the JournalTransactionLines view from According to the Monitoring, I get the error:

De gegevensdownload werd geannuleerd na 4 minuten, 50 seconden, waarschijnlijk door de gebruiker.
Optimaliseer uw query zoals beschreven op Overzicht van Power BI-technieken om prestaties en downloadtijd te verbeteren - invantive.
Voer de query vervolgens opnieuw uit.

After which it will restart the refresh on its own without me interfering. After a while it gave the following error previously:

The encrypted contents of the disk cache file are missing.
Please check that all files in the disk cache must have a file size greater than 0 bytes.

Does anyone recognize this error? I remember this one myself from a few years ago when it seemed my filesite was too large when connecting to a JSON.

I hope this was clear enough. It is a urgent issue for me currently as it causes my report to not be functional anymore. Any help is appreciated!

Ok, it did refresh just now. Momentary lapse of operations? I’ll leave it here, but for now not urgent anymore.

A resource was depleted during the last night, which caused the encrypted cache to become incomplete. This caused the itgengpr087 error. A correction action has been applied on the platform.