Power BI Refresh of TransactionLinesIncremental fails with itgenboe367

The overnight refreshes keep failing with the same error as mentioned in this post.

Request id : 0HN2JAPT37HVJ:00000013

Het verzoek met request ID is inderdaad meteen afgebroken binnen enkele milliseconden (itgenclr150, die leidt tot itgenboe367).

Het is niet gelukt om de oorzaak te vinden; meestal ligt die in de tijd er voor.

De omgeving is herstart. Gelieve nogmaals te proberen.

The refreshes fail.

0HN2M20PQC7IL:0000004B (HTTP/2)
It’s been broken for over 2 weeks, which blocks the work of our Finance team.

Data source error[ValidateMarkupTags][ccon]DataSource.Error:
Request failed:
[ccon]The underlying connection was closed:
An unexpected error occurred on a receive.[/ccon].
DataSourceKind = [ccon]OData[/ccon].
DataSourcePath = [ccon]https://bridge-online.cloud/acme-exact-online/odata4/ExactOnlineREST.Incremental.TransactionLinesIncremental@eol[/ccon]. [/ccon].
The exception was raised by the IDataReader interface.
Please review the error message and provider documentation for further information and corrective action.
Table: Fact.

What error code and message are shown on Bridge Online Monitoring?

Power BI it’s own error reporting typically “eats” the actual error.

As for the last 2 weeks, the same error itgenboe367.

Request ID 0HN2MVV4NO43I:00000035.

The data download was cancelled straight away after requested.
Please try again.
Contact Invantive Support when this problem persists. (/).

Given the persistent nature of this problem among a subset of users and the extremely annoying impact upon occurrence, progress for this problem will be tracked at Problemen bij geannuleerde downloads en/of downloads die blijven hangen (Dutch).

It will be treated as the highest priority until the probability of occurrence is significantly reduced.

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