Sharing project information efficiently using VISI as communication standard

Working more effective with VISI open standard

Every project manager knows that during a construction project the communication needs to be in proper order. The incorrect communication of contractual changes like more work or specifications can have unpleasant consequences. To prevent possible misunderstandings and damage claims a clear communication between project parties is very important. The VISI communication standard was called into to life for the purpose of improving the information flow and the collaboration between construction partners. With VISI communication agreements can be saved and changed centrally. Whether it concerns a simple change or a new construction drawing, with VISI all can be communicated clearly. VISI stimulated the effective and efficient way of working which is why is has become a broad standard within the sector.

Sharing project information efficiently with Invantive

Just like VISI Invantive has the starting principle to make collaborations between parties run as efficiently as possible. The central recording of documents, the planning of activities and sharing of project information are demands that the VISI standard includes. The software solutions of Invantive meet these demands. With the Invantive software services the project parties within the VISI have a better control of project by default. Invantive’s software solutions offer the following advantages:

  • Project history through real time data warehousing.
  • Shared project information is accessible online.
  • Extensive security possibilities through the use of rights.
  • Current cash flow prognosis.
  • Defining of project information between various parties.
  • Sharing of name and address information online or in Microsoft Outlook.
  • Transparent and traceable reporting in several formats.
  • Synchronising and sharing of work calendar.