Ticket Registration on Support System

Registration of a ticket account is an essential part of the support. This article describes how to register a ticket.

Execute the following steps:


  • Enter a your request in the search bar as specific as possible:

  • Up to three knowledge base articles are shown that might answer your question. When applicable, please click on the links:

  • When none is applicable, choose the right type of request:
    • Incident when you have discovered a (preferrably reproducible) bug. Incidents are covered by most subscriptions.
    • Question when you have a simple usage question. Simple questions are covered as an additional service without charges, despite not covered by most subscriptions. For more complex questions please use “Request consultant“.
    • Request free hour when you want to have the free introduction scheduled.
    • Installation when you have an software installation issue. Simple installation questions are covered as an additional service without charges.
    • Request consultant when you want to plan a consultant. Consulting charges apply per half hour or part of it.
  • Selection of a request type opens a specific window. Please fill out the fields as specific as possible in English or Dutch to reduce ticket processing time:

  • Click on “Send“.
  • You will receive an email with a confirmation. A support engineer will look into the ticket within the time frames agreed upon.