Use Simplicate with Power BI or Power Query

This article helps you with the steps to use Simplicate with Microsoft Power BI or Power Query. It assumes you have already registered a user on Invantive Cloud as described in this article or received a user account from Invantive.


Execute the following steps:

  • Go to the Databases menu.
  • Choose the button “New“.
  • Choose the Simplicate platform:

  • Enter the text preceding ““ in the corresponding field:


  • Log on to your Simplicate environment.
  • Go to the API section.
  • Create an API key when not yet present.
  • Paste the API key and API secret in the corresponding fields of Invantive Cloud.
  • Click on “Finish“.

Congratulations, you have now registered an Invantive Cloud database with Simplicate data!

Execute the following steps to make the database accessible from your current location:

  • Edit the database name to reflect your needs (red 1 below).
  • Add your current IP address to the list of IP addresses using the orange button. Alternatively, you can use ‘*’ to allow all IP-addresses globally, but note that this may introduce a signficant security risk (red 2 below).
  • Optionally change the URL through which the database can be accessed (red 3):


  • Click on the “Bridge Online Configuration” button.
  • Take note of the URL to use with Power BI and/or Power Query (red 1 below).
  • Dito for the user name (red 2 below).
  • When not yet done, set the password for use with Invantive Bridge Online (red 3 below).
  • After that follow the online instructions (red 4 below) to Get Data using the OData connector of Power BI and/or Power Query with the URL mentioned:


  • The default tables are then available in Power BI and/or Power Query. Table functions can be added by using Invantive PSQL coding. Sample: