with Visma Connect uses wrong partitions / companies

I see multiple companies (partitions) when accessing data from with Visma Connect authentication instead of VNI.

It seems that all branches are included as partitions instead of the (single) company.

When I query data such as ledgers, the data is copied across all branches:

select company_code
,      count(*)
from   Ledgers
by     company_code

In my case, this returns 16 companies with each time 4 rows.

This is a bug in the new driver in combination with Visma Connect. The bug does not occur when using VNI.

The driver will be adapted to still generate a value for company_code to ease transition from VNI to Visma Connect with, but only a single value.

As a workaround place a SQL statement in the Startup SQL of the database:

use NUMBER@vnt

where NUMBER is replaced by the code of any of the branches. The branches can be found by querying SystemPartitions@DataDictionary.

This will return the data only once.

Starting release 24.0.98, there will be only one partition. This partition will be based on the branch with the corporate ID that has the lowest position when all branches are sorted alphabetically on corporate ID.

The value of company_code is “CWB:” plus the corporate ID. The value of company_name is “CWB:” plus the name of this branch. “CWB” is an abbreviation of “(C)ompany (W)ith (B)ranch”.

These values for company_code and company_name can change in a future release when the integration provides a facility to determine the company data.

Release 24.0.98 is expected to be available on Invantive Cloud before March 25, 2024.

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