Easier renewal of authorizations on Invantive Cloud itgenscr652, itgeneor559 or itgeneor562)

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Smoothly Repair Authorization Data Containers

A common problem is the expiration of authorizations on a limited number of cloud platforms. This is typically linked to an itgenscr652-message. Renewing the authorizations required at least four steps. The new Invantive Cloud release makes the renewal of authorizations much easier and limits it to 1 click in most cases. After logging into Invantive Cloud, the dashboard immediately shows when data containers are in need of repair:

The red number and text are only shown if there are data containers that raised an error the last time they were opened.

By clicking on the number (if only one data container has problems) you are immediately directed to the screen to renew the authorizations.

Only if there are several data containers will a list first appear and after selection one can correct the authorizations again via “Renew Authorization”:

The list of data containers under the “Setup” dashboard shows which data container needs repair:

A data container is removed from the list of problem instances as soon as the authorization is successfully renewed.

The details of a data container also show some statistics such as whether and how frequently the data container experiences problems:

Exact Online

Specifically for Exact Online, if the app login credentials are not used for 30 days (the so-called “refresh token”), Exact will let them expire automatically for security reasons. Therefore it is recommended for Exact Online databases to open/use them at least once every 30 days, for example by refreshing a report.

Automatic Recovery

It is possible to automate the renewal of authorizations via auto-recovery (“Automatic Recovery”) as described at Auto-recovery of Exact Online refresh tokens for data containers.