Improve itgenlic278 error

When a payment can not be found for an overdue invoice, a warning itgenlic278 will be shown in on-premise products with a yellow warning sign and the following text:

Warning, support on your Invantive subscription and consulting services have been suspended due to one invoice overdue by 99 days.
For more information, please contact the finance department of Invantive at +31 88 00 26500 ; please quote agreement code L9999. Payments till 99-99-2999 have been processed.

The following problems occur:

  • For most users, it is not clear that it is a warning instead of a fatal error. This raises confusion as to whether the application can be used or not (yes, it can be used).
  • There is no hint given where to find the amount and number of the open invoice. This is by intent hidden since some organizations do not want their employees to be aware of the outstanding amounts.
  • The finance department is not always 24x7 available or hard to reach due to limited availability.
  • The message is in English instead of localized.
  • The warning is given also when a more recent invoice is specified on the payment than the overdue invoice. This causes matching against the newer not yet overdue invoice, whereas the older invoice will trigger a block.

The ideas so far are:

  • Localize the error to the user settings.
  • Make visually clear that it is a warning and that the application can still be used. Solely support and consulting are not available.
  • Include hint to look on Invantive Cloud.

Yet there is no easy executable idea how to match automatically against older invoices when a newer invoice has been specified on the payment.