Invantive goes USA [EN]

HARDERWIJK – Invantive is focussing its attention on the United States. The WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) has accepted Invantive’s request for becoming a registered brand. This gives us preemption.

The WIPO is the international copyright organization of the United Nations and is aimed at developing an extensive and accessible international system for intellectual property rights that rewards creativity, stimulates innovation, contributes to economic development and does not forget the benefits for the public.

Property rights

The WIPO focusses on developing international rights and implementing international treaties. The organization also manages the international registration of international property rights. The WIPO accepts businesses that innovate. The fact that more and more businesses apply, shows that the economy is recovering. For Invantive this means they have easier access to the American market. Especially since Invantive has delivered juridical software to GuideOne (the largest insurer of churches in the United States), more requests for software are expected. The intellectual property of Invantive is also protected.

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