Itgeneor192/itgeneor229 Little to no remaining capacity for API use


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Upon use of Invantive SQL-based products with Exact Online you can receive the error:

There is no remaining capacity available for API use on partition ‘999’.
Please acquire more API calls per day.
Or try again tomorrow after receiving your daily allowance of 50.000 calls.

This article provides some background and tips.


Exact Online is used by companies with a span of yearly revenues between typically zero and 200 million euros. Soft limits are placed upon API use per minute and hard limits are placed upon API use per day. Every minute and, respectively, every day, a new allowance is granted.

The available volume of API calls per company is only differentiated per app, as identified by the so-called “client id“. The volume is not differentiated per type of subscription: when used with the same app, the daily allowance is identical for a subscription of monthly EUR 5 as a subscription of monthly EUR 4.500.

Most apps have a daily allowance of 5.000 or 50.000 API calls.

Invantive SQL collects the actual limits and remaining API call volume on the minute and day basis and makes them visible in the view RateLimits.

For the soft minute limit, Invantive SQL delays activity when deemed necessary. For the hard day limit, Invantive SQL raises the forementioned error when approaching or hitting the limit.

When hitting the daily limit, your options are:

  • Contact the app vendor and challenge them to make the app make more of each API call.
  • Spread your data across multiple companies.
  • Try again the next day.
  • Spread the actions across multiple apps when feasible and allowed within the agreements.

We are challenging Exact to add a commercial alternative for a higher daily or monthly allowance. Please vote when you want to support this initiative: