Itgenlic457: The current Windows user name 'Gebruiker' is too vague for correct license validation


When starting an Invantive product or OEM-product, you might be confronted with an error message:

itgenlic457: The current Windows user name ‘Gebruiker’ is too vague for correct license validation. Please use a unique user name of at least two characters such as ‘john.doe’ or configure an Office 365 account.

The value ‘Gebruiker’ can also be another value like ‘User’, ‘Administrator’, ‘test’ and alike.

This article explains you how to resolve this problem.


A number of checks are executed to avoid use of Invantive software products outside agreement terms. This error with code “itgenlic457” is one of these checks. Compliant use is in the interest of Invantive, the user and the society:

  • Invantive: it ensures Invantive can provide improved products by continuing investments and/or provide a reasonable return on previous investments;
  • user: it makes it easier for the user to use software within the legal constraints and avoids future unexpected invoices;
  • society: it ensures a level playing field between companies and promotes a fair and honest way of running businesses.

This check is raised since the Windows user log on code is too vague, which makes it hard to validate use.

In you want to check the user name displayed in the error against the actual user name, see How to determine the Windows user name?.

Execute the following steps to solve the itgenlic457 message:

  • Check that the Office product (such as Excel) has been activated. Lack of activation is typically displayed in the window’s title as “Product activation failed” or similar.
  • Then log in to Office 365 from your Office version or OneDrive.
  • When your company doesn’t use Office 365, please contact your IT administrator to set up another Windows log on account, meeting European compliance and auditability rules. This typically involves the user of a unique log on code, like an employee number or first name/last name combination.