Receive email when Exact Online subscription is blocked (itgenoda060/itgenoda219)

We use a large number of Exact Online companies, part of which are customers with an independent subscription at Exact Online.

Upon expiry of the subscription and/or temporary block, the APIs return weird errors on thos divisions. These are registered by Invantive and forwarded, typically within a few days, to de-associate from these subscriptions to avoid API errors and replication issues.

However, to save downtime I would like to automatically receive an email for every blocked Exact Online subscription of an accounting customer instead of waiting for a few days.

The error message typically is:

Forbidden - Customer’s license expired. The remote server returned an error: (403) Forbidden.

Currently, Invantive Support receives an email like the following in this event:

itgeneor294: Your Exact Online job has tried to use the Exact Online company with division code ‘…’ on 5/18/2021 12:00:00 AM. See
However, it seems that Exact Online has disabled the company since the customer’ s license expired.
Please contact Exact Online Support to see whether it is wise to have the company disassociated with your accountancy subscription. Exact Online now also offers an option to use the web interface to disassociate the customer with your accountancy subscription.

Our support team will contact you when this occurs. When the frequency becomes higher, we will works towards a direct link to users. For now, the odds are that most users will not understand what to do.