Excel no longer displays Invantive Control ribbon

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In the past you have used Invantive Control for Excel. However, the ribbon Invantive Control is no longer displayed in Excel and there are neither any messages displayed to indicate a problem.

You want to use Invantive Control again.


Microsoft Excel maintains a list of add-ins that are available. With various versions of Microsoft Office there are a number of mechanisms in place that Microsoft Excel uses to avoid that add-ins cause Excel issues. However, these mechanisms tend to be over-reactive. For instance, Invantive Control can be permanently disabled when you retrieve data from a slow web service using Invantive Control and Excel is forcefully quit using the task manager.

You can restore Invantive Control in general following these steps:

  • Check the Windows start menu whether Invantive Support Assistant is already installed.
  • If not, install Invantive Support Assistant on the workstation.
  • Start the most recent version of Invantive Support Assistant from the start menu as shown below (the actual version(s) installed may differ):
    Support Assistant
  • Choose “Enable Invantive Control” from the menu:
    Enable Invantive Control
  • A pop-up will inform you whether any changes have been made.
  • Make sure that Excel is completely stopped, preferably by restarting your workstation.
  • Start Excel again.
  • Invantive Control should appear again.
  • If Invantive Control does not appear, please open Windows Explorer.
  • Go to the folder where you have installed Invantive Control. This is typically C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Invantive Software BV\\Invantive Control for Excel.
  • The folder should contain approximately 125 files:
  • When you see only a limited number of files, like 2 or 90, but anyway less than 125, perform a repair of the installation.
  • The actual steps depend on your Windows version and user interface. For example, to repair, you might go to “Programs & Features” in the start menu as shown below. Contact your local IT administrator for the actual steps.
    Programs and Features
  • Select Invantive Control in the program list and press the ‘Repair’ button:
  • When finished, start over this procedure at step 3 “Start the most recent version of Invantive Support Assistant”.
  • Please create a topic on these forums when Invantive Control does not appear after repeating the steps.